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Why ARE you working on that?

I’ve followed Dangerously Irrelevant for a while now and, as I work through my Cert IV TAE, this post really struck a chord.cat_has_question

I’m astounded at how often my children do things for class without understanding the bigger reasons behind WHY they’re doing those things.

I always have questions as a student and suspect I’ve driven a couple of teachers/instructors a bit crazy over the years with my need to understand why something was important, or needs to be done this way, rather than that. In developing training materials, I need to remember that not everyone is going to let me know they don’t know why we are doing what we are doing. I am as astounded as Scott that anyone works hard on something if they aren’t sure why they’re doing what they’re doing – but need to remember that this does happen.

If we can’t explain it as the instructors, what hope have the students got of understanding what we want them to learn?