Above average across the continent…

As reported in enGuage – Sept 2013,


In addition to the warmest 12-month period on record for Australia, the past
12 months have also seen:

  • hottest summer day on record (7 January)

  • warmest winter day on record (31 August)

  • warmest month on record (January)

  • warmest summer on record (summer 2012–13).

For me, the map of Australia showing no white or blue tells the story better than the graph as it is easier to ignore the extent of the impact when looking at a graph. The map makes it impossible to escape the fact that there is no part of the country depicted in whites or blues… It’s simply been hotter everywhere.

The BoM also has some thoughts on the coming summer that suggest the pattern presented above is not going to change anytime soon:

The outlook for warmer-than-average temperatures over the remainder of the year is consistent with the Bureau’s knowledge of background temperature trends, and the well-above-average water temperatures that currently surround Australia. Australian temperatures are now on average more than 1 °C warmer than during the 1950s.