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You’re a whatnow?

I’ve just seen the question “What’s the BEST way to explain being a GIS person?” or some variant of it appear on one of the many GIS&T discussion boards on which I lurk come up again.confusionIt both saddens and frustrates me that people cannot seem to realise that there are so many ways to ‘be a GIS person’ that this question is simply either extremely naive or somewhat disingenuous. Continue reading “You’re a whatnow?”


Kids have strong opinions about school

and they should!

Amanda Ripley @ PopTech 2012 looks at why different areas perform as they do when compared using standardised tests. Her approach is well represented by the quote included in the Vimeo posting of the talk:

“Kids have strong opinions about school. We forget as adults how much time they sit there contemplating their situation.”

(Hat Tip: Scott McLeod @ Dangerously Irrelevant)

While this is an American talk focusing on the American situation, it makes some really interesting observations.

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