Have you fleened your ogglefloggle recently?

Simon Sharwood from the website The Register has written about the online mapping problems caused by weak GPS and sloppy check-ins to social media services from smartphones:

“Next time you check in with foursquare or Facebook, please stand right outside the venue, make sure your smartphone has a very good GPS signal and describe the location accurately.

That’s the wish of the spatial data community, which is getting grumpy about user-generated spatial data.

To understand why…”

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self-surveillance & colour

Having finally created a twitter account, and ‘following’ some IRL and online contacts, I was introduced to the¬† Flowing Data via a link from one of the tweets. The whole site looks fascinating but the self-surveillance category has some really interesting posts, including:

From a GI S&T perspective, all of these self-surveillance tools are likely to be of interest in one way or another.

From a cartographic perspective, the post “Van Gogh for the colorblind” talks about research that applied various colour filters to Van Gogh’s paintings which highlights the importance of picking colours wisely and thinking about how your maps and diagrams look to others. A link to an online tool by¬† Kazunori Asada that allows you to apply three colour vision types to your own images.